Transcription Add-Ons

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Timestamps are a useful add-on when it comes to reviewing your transcript. Each word in the transcript is synced to the audio. You can click any word in the transcript, and the audio will jump to that point. This makes reviewing and editing the transcript a breeze.

To place a new order with timestamps, select the checkbox next to Timestamping after your file uploads at checkoutYou can receive a timestamped transcript for an additional $0.30 per audio minute


If you would like to add timestamps to an existing order, please contact our support team at or live chat via the Support button on the bottom right of this page with your order number and they can add them for you. 

When you download the transcript from the online editor, timestamps will be visible with every speaker change. You can choose whether to show these timestamps by checking or unchecking the Include timestamps box after you click Export. This example shows how timestamped transcripts are presented.




A standard (non-verbatim) transcript is lightly edited for readability. This is the preferred choice for most people.

A verbatim transcript contains all speech exactly as spoken. This includes things like:

  • Filler words (uh, um)
  • False starts ("She only had 10...I mean, she only had 15 minutes.")
  • Stutters ("He w-wasn't too s-s-sure about it.")
  • Laughter

Our standard transcripts will still capture the content of the conversation as spoken, only with the above edited out to provide a cleaner read. Standard transcripts are not paraphrased.

You can receive a verbatim transcript for an additional $0.50 per audio minute. To order a verbatim transcript, select the checkbox next to Verbatim after your file uploads at checkout.

The verbatim option must be selected at checkout before the order is placed. We aren't able to add verbatim to an existing order. If the checkbox isn't selected, the default is a standard (non-verbatim) transcript.

Verbatim orders involve more extensive work for our agents, so it is important to note that turnaround times may be longer due to this reason. You may find that adding a Rush for an additional $1.25 per audio minute to your order at checkout may be helpful in getting these orders back to you as soon as possible. 



Instant First Draft

When you add Instant First Draft at checkout, you can receive an automated first draft of your transcript while our transcriptionists work on the final, polished version. Instant first drafts are generated by our industry-leading speech recognition technology. 

To order a draft, select the checkbox next to Instant First Draft after your file uploads at checkout. You can receive an instant first draft for an additional $0.10 per audio minute


The instant first draft will be delivered moments after your order is placed, and your polished human transcript will be delivered afterward, as soon as it's ready.

The instant first draft option must be selected at checkout before the order is placed. If you would like an automated instant first draft for an order that's already in progress, please place a new order for an Automated Transcription only.



With Rush, all files in your order are delivered up to 5x faster than our standard turnaround. Files are prioritized for completion and completed by our top transcriptionists. Unlike instant first drafts, the rush transcript you receive will be the polished, human-completed version.

To order a Rush Transcript, select the checkbox next to Rush My Order after your file uploads at checkout. You can receive a rush transcript for an additional $1.25 per audio minute.

The rush option must be selected at checkout before the order is placed. We aren't able to add rush to an existing order.



Here's how it works:

  • Long files are split into multiple segments so that our team of transcriptionists can work on them at the same time.
  • We then combine the segments and deliver them to you in a single document.
  • Because of this, speaker names may be inconsistent for files over 30 minutes. You can modify these in our free online editor after your file is completed.

Please note, that your cart is cache-based so it can only be seen from the browser it was uploaded from. You will not be able to see your cart items if you try to access them on another browser or device or if you clear your browser's cache and cookies.

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