Using the Transcript Editor

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How do I edit my transcript in the free online editing tool?

Our transcription editor makes reviewing transcripts a breeze. You can listen along with the audio, make edits, highlight, adjust speaker labels, and even take notes*. Once you are done reviewing and editing, you can download your transcript directly from within the editor. You can test the features of our editor here.

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It can be accessed by clicking any file name on your Workspace page, or by clicking View and Edit next to the file name on your order page, accessible through your Order History

Using the Right-Click Context Menu

When the text in your transcript is right-clicked a custom menu shows, giving easy access to editing features. Simply highlight the text that you want to edit, right-click and a menu will appear with the following editor tools:

  • Play From
  • Highlight
  • Comment
  • Strikethrough
  • Copy
  • Copy as Plain text (when text is copied, hyperlinks will not be included to timestamps)
  • Cut
  • Cut as Plain text
  • Delete
  • Share Clip


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Using the Playback Controls

In the upper left of the editor, you have your playback controls. You can play audio, skip back or forward 15 seconds, increase the playback speed, turn on and off closed captions, enter full-screen video mode, and control the volume. In the box below you can assign speaker names and take notes.

We have a couple of keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) that make playback a little easier. Instead of moving your mouse and hitting play and pause all the time, you can hit the Shift + Space key to start and stop the audio. If you need to skip back 15 seconds, you can hit Ctrl + , .

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If you need to jump around in the transcript while reviewing, you can click the timestamp next to any speaker name, and the audio will jump to that point and begin playing.Annotation-Annotation on 2023-09-27 at 07-27-08.png.png

Editing Your Transcript

The editor works just like any other word processor, and you can click right into the transcript and start typing, deleting, and highlighting. You can make changes from the box in the center of the editor, this includes:

  • Add a Comment ( select after highlighting where you would like the comment to appear)
  • Highlight the text in 5 different colors! (select after highlighting text with your mouse)
  • Strikethrough the text
  • Undo last change
  • Redo last change
  • Download your transcript
  • Saved transcript status
  • Search and Replace 
  • More

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Any changes you make are saved automatically. In the middle of the bar, you can see when your transcript was last saved, and you can click the ellipsis menu (...) for more options. These include:

  • Copy ( with timestamps and speaker names) 
  • Copy-Text Transcript Only
  • Read-along Tracking
  • Low confidence words
  • Keyboard shortcut hints
  • Reset the transcript (reverts all changes made)
  • Remove Filler Words* ( available if filler words are detected)
  • Offset Timestamps

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Screenshot 2024-04-08 075221.png

With the new Transcript Summary feature you can generate summaries of your transcripts. You can learn more about this feature in this article.

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In the lower right-hand corner, you may also see a Beta version of the transcript chatbot. This is a learning tool for your transcript with our AI. You can prompt responses with commands like "Provide a list of topics." or "Give me a short summary". Much like the transcript summary, this bot also provides answers to other questions that are relevant to the transcript. 

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If you run into any issues while using the editor, check out this article for common troubleshooting tips


*Notes are saved in the editor only and do not reflect in the downloaded transcript

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