How Do I Use My Workspace?

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What is a Workspace?

Workspaces are shared file libraries in your Rev account that can be organized by projects, departments, or anything else. Authorized Users of Workspaces can collaborate with their team to edit and share files, place new orders, and update project status.


As more teams turn to remote work, completing projects successfully can’t rely on physical proximity. Organizations need collaboration tools they can rely on to save time, maximize productivity, and meet deadlines with ease—which is why we built Workspaces.

With Workspaces, your organization's users across various departments can work independently or collaboratively—all within a single account to get more done with less effort. 


When to use Workspaces

Both large and small teams benefit from using Workspaces. Consider using Workspaces when you have: 

  • Departments, teams, or projects with unique budgets, cost centers, or billing needs
  • Projects with deadlines you want to monitor progress
  • Individual teams that only need visibility into what they’re working on  

Create a Workspace 


  1. Click Create New Workspace
  2. Enter a name for your new Workspace
  3. Click Create Workspace 

*Workspaces are private by default

Managing Workspace users

Rev has three types of users. Any Authorized User associated with your Rev account can be added to a Workspace. Each user role has different permissions when assigned to a Workspace.

Authorized User

  • View and edit Workspace files they’re invited to
  • Share files with other Authorized Users 
  • Place orders for the Workspace
  • Update project status  

Managers and Account Owners have all the permissions above plus the ability to:

  • Invite Authorized Users to a Workspace

Existing organization members can be added to a workspace via the “Add New Member” button found within a given Workspace.

Account Owners have all the permissions above plus the ability to:

  • Create a new Workspace

Example Workspace

Example 1: 

Account: University

Workspace: College of Education 

  • Folder: Research
    • Interviews 
  • Folder: E-Learning recordings
    • Courses in Kinesiology 

Example 2: 

Account: Media Company  

Workspace 1: Digital Video

  • Folder: Cooking content
    • Chef show  

Workspace 2: Television  

  • Folder: On-demand shows  
    • Series

Workspace 3: Film

  • Folder: Documentaries 
    • Documentary 


How to get started

  1. All files are in the default Workspace labeled “Shared”. *
  2. Begin creating Workspaces for your projects, teams, or departments. 
  3. Give organization members access to a Workspace.
  4. Start moving files from the “Shared” Workspace to your new one. 
  5. Assign new orders to a Workspace at checkout.**

*All users, including authorized users, will be able to view files in this default workspace.

**If no workspace is selected in checkout, the new order will be sent to the “Shared” Workspace.




Contact Luke Beninga, Workspaces Product Manager, with any additional questions or feedback during the pilot. 

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