Human Captions Add-On Services

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Premium Captions

Premium Captions takes Rev’s Standard Captions offering and elevates it to conform to broadcast criteria, also known as FCC compliance. Premium Captions are reviewed by Rev's top 5% captioners and also include vertical captions placement where captions may cover on-screen text. * 

* Please note that not all side-car caption file formats contain caption location or placement information. Caption formats that contain placement information include TTML, Web VTT, SCC, MCC, STL, and Cheetah CAP formats.

To place a new order with the Premium Captions add-on, select the checkbox next to Premium Captions after your file uploads at checkout. Premium Captions are priced at an additional $1.50 per audio minute. Compare Standard Captions vs Premium Captions here.

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If you have a tight deadline, you may be interested in our Rush service which delivers your files back even sooner than our standard estimated turnaround times. Files are prioritized for completion and completed by our top captioners. To order Rush Captions, select the checkbox next to Rush My Order after your file uploads at checkout. You can receive a Rush captions file for an additional $1.25 per audio minute. *

* Please note that the Rush add-on is not available for global subtitle orders.

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Burned-In Captions

Rev offers burned-in captions (delivered as an MP4 video file) for an additional $0.30 per video minute. You may add this feature at checkout or add burned-in captions to a previous order. The burned-in video will not be downloaded instantaneously like the other caption output formats; instead, you will be notified via email once your burned-in video is ready. It can then be downloaded for use. 


Adding Global Subtitles to your Captions order

You can add Global Subtitles to your Captions order by selecting the checkbox. Global Subtitles are priced from $5.00/minute, depending on the language/s needed. More than one language can be selected. 

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