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Legal Order Placement V2.0 | Launch Date: May 2, 2024



Before you can begin placing orders for Rev Legal Transcription services, you’ll need an account that’s enabled to access our Legal Solutions product line. Please reach out to one of our team members to learn more


How does Rev’s Legal Order Placement work?

Rev's Legal Order Placement provides a powerful mechanism for customers ordering our Legal Transcriptions to easily and efficiently process their orders with an experience that matches their workflow needs. Check out the Getting Started Guide here


Can the new order placement workflow handle custom proceeding types?

Currently, we offer templatized services for the following proceeding types: Depositions, Hearings, SORs, and EUOs.  We are working to support more soon.

For clients on contract, we can provide customized templates based on your organization’s preferences for proceedings, in addition to any jurisdictional requirements.


Can I request more than one proceeding within an order?

With this new rollout, we will be accepting one proceeding per order. 


What Products and Solutions does Rev provide for Legal customers?

Rev tailors its Legal solutions to fit a variety of customer needs, whether integrated with transcription processes or a means to replace the proceeding management all together.


Ready to Certify   ← flagship offering

  • Best choice for legal transcriptions you need formatted and ready for certification
  • Prepared with personalized jargon or custom requirements
  • Comprehensive support for parentheticals for your hearings, depositions, SORs, and EUOs
  • Expect 99.6% accuracy following 3 separate rounds of human proofing

Human Rough Draft

  • Best choice for transcriptions needed quickly
  • Produced by a professional transcriptionist, following the use of our ASR
  • Includes Q&A tagging and speaker labeling, bylines, and diarization*

AI Transcription 

  • Best choice for transcriptions delivered in minutes
  • Produced by Rev’s best in class ASR and made available in our proprietary platform editor for ease of use. 


What are standard turnaround times for Legal Transcriptions?*

  • AI Transcriptions are available within 30 minutes of order placement
  • Human Rough Draft available within 3 business days
  • Ready to Certify available within 5 business days

*Rush services available upon request - ask your Success Manager for details and rates. 


Pricing of Legal transcription services?*

AI Transcriptions

  • Per minute: $0.25
  • Per page: $0.35

Human Rough Draft 

  • Per minute: $1.60
  • Per page: $2.25

Ready to Certify

  • Per minute: $2.30
  • Per page: $3.25

*Rush services available upon request - ask your customer service representative for details and rates. 



Are there volume discounts available for large-scale order placement?

Yes, we offer volume discounts for our services, designed to accommodate and encourage large-scale use by making it more cost-effective for businesses. Interested in speaking with our team about an organizational contract - get in touch today!


How does Rev ensure the confidentiality of sensitive content that I share?

Rev prioritizes the security and confidentiality of all processed content with enterprise-grade data privacy. Our Legal services follow HIPAA and SOC2 Type II compliance and our tools are built with industry-leading security measures, including encryption to ensure that sensitive information remains private and secure. 


What output formats are supported for my Legal Orders? 

Rev's Legal orders can be delivered via our platform editor as well as ASCII (.txt), and .docx. 

* Ready to Certify orders will exclusively be delivered as a Microsoft Word or Text file (ASCII format), not available in the Rev Editor. 


Do you offer an API?

Yes!  Check out all of the capabilities here and the steps for how to get started.


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