Comparing Rev's Caption Services

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Rev’s Caption Service Line Comparison

Attributes AI Captions Standard Captions Premium Captions
Overview Best choice for captions delivered in minutes.  Best choice for accessible captions with little to no time required in quality control.  Best choice for FCC broadcast compliance, content with technical jargon, or custom requirements.
  • 90% Accuracy
  • Generated by AI 
  • $0.25/min
  • 99% Accuracy
  • Enhanced by Human Captioners
  • $1.50/min
  • >99% Accuracy
  • Enhanced by top 5% of Human Captioners
  • $3.00/min

Turnaround time*

  • Hours to Days
  • Rush add-on available
  • Hours to Days 
  • Rush add-on available 
Compliance ADA**
  • ADA, 504, 508
  • ***FCC
ADA, FCC, 504, 508
  • Access to interactive captions editor to make edits
  • Available in all download formats 

Includes everything in AI Captions+

  • Speaker Identification
  • Sound Effects -(Atmospherics) Lyrics

Includes everything in Standard Captions+

  • Vertical Caption Placement 
  • Silence Tags
  • Custom requirements



Supports 38 different languages. Select source language at checkout

English Only

English Only


Features and Information:

  • **ADA Compliance: AI Captions are ADA compliant for select video content. Auto-generated captions may not meet ADA standards for content with large amounts of background sound, movies, music videos, or other content.
  • Language Availability: AI Captions only supports English source language content. 
  • Package Availability: AI Captions can be purchased across all of Rev’s plans. 
  • File Format and Size: The file size limits and durations are consistent with Rev’s Standard Caption service. All major video file formats are accepted. More information here. 
  • Caption Grouping: AI Caption groupings may sometimes deviate from Rev's standard captioning guidelines. For content requiring up to 99% accuracy in spelling and formatting, we recommend opting for human-enhanced captions.
  • Editing Capabilities: Users across all groups have the privilege to access and utilize Rev’s captions editor.
  • The following features are not supported by AI Captions:
    • Speaker identification
    • Sound effects (atmospherics)
    • Vertical caption placement
    • Silence tags


*Turnaround time dependant on file length - see estimates here for human-enhanced captions

***May be FCC compliant if there is no important visual content or text in the lower third of the screen

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