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Requesting Invoicing

Requirements for approval:

  • Must meet our minimum threshold of $1500 ($18k yearly) of usage submitted every month as of 5/8/23.
  • Agree to our net 30 terms.
  • No bankruptcies in the last 12 months.
  • Don’t require invoices to be uploaded to a 3rd party.
  • Optional: can have PO information added to the invoice. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the PO information along with the account number the PO needs to be applied to.

 You can apply using our invoicing request form.

Please note: If you don’t meet our minimum requirements, you can use our invoicing feature by agreeing to be an autopay customer. You will get a monthly invoice and your account will be charged via credit card or ACH every month for the previous month’s orders.


Types Of Invoices

Prepay Invoice

We can provide a prepay invoice upon request via email to The minimum amount for a prepay invoice request is:

    • $2,500 for recurring invoicing customers
    • $5,000 for all other pay-as-you-go accounts.

Please note: Any and all prepayments made are strictly non-refundable, as per our Terms of Service (6.A).


Autopay Invoicing

There is no minimum threshold for autopay invoicing. ACH/Wire or credit card is required to be set up on your account. The payment will be run monthly for the previous month’s orders. This cannot be manually changed. If you wish to turn off autopay, you will need to reach out to

Please note: Turning off the autopay feature will result in your account being converted to a Pay-as-you-go account.


Split Invoicing

Due to our new billing system, we are no longer able to accommodate this request.


Payment Methods

For customers who receive invoices, we accept payment via two methods:  

  • Credit card - Access through the portal.
  • Wire and ACH - If you plan to pay via wire and ACH please send an email to requesting our banking information.
    • Remittances for ACH/Wire and check payments can be sent to Please be sure to include your account number/invoice number.


Additional Notes 

 Rev may charge sales tax in addition to order/invoice totals, depending on location and applicable tax laws. We recommend sending your sales tax exemption for approval to your account before placing orders. Sales tax that is charged before documents are uploaded cannot be refunded. Please read our sales tax information article.


We currently do not offer monthly or annual subscription invoices for Rev Live Captions or Rev Max. Please continue to use a credit card as the payment method to access these services.


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