Warpwire : Connecting your Rev and Warpwire accounts

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How do I connect Warpwrire and Rev?

Warpwire and Rev customers are now able to place Rev caption orders from within Warpwire. Completed caption files will be automatically pushed back to the appropriate video in Warpwire. 

Please Note: This process is available only to Warpwire Institutional Administrators. 

To get started, you'll need to connect your Warpwire account to a Rev account. 

Create a Rev account 

Create a Rev.com account by visiting https://www.rev.com/account/auth/register If you already have a Rev.com account, proceed to the next step.

Ensure your Rev account has a payment source

To place orders, you'll have to do one of the following: 

- Load some pre-pay credit onto your Rev account. Go to your account Billing Settings and click "Add More" next to the Prepay Balance section. 
- Become an invoice customer. You'll receive a bill at the end of the month and have 30 days to pay. Fill out this form: https://rev.com/invoicing-form 
If filling out the invoicing form, on the "Do you use the following video platforms?" field, choose Warpwire. You'll receive an email from Rev when you're approved for invoicing. 
Get your Rev API User Key 

Get your API user key. When logged into rev.com, view the settings page and click show next to the API Key.


Your API Key will be used to link Warpwire and Rev in a step below. 

Create a Caption Profile for your Rev Media account in the Warpwire Admin Tool

To navigate to the Warpwire Admin Tool, first click your username in the upper-right corner of the screen, then click Warpwire Admin.


Select Closed Caption Requests from the drop down menu in the upper-left of the page.


Now, because you haven't set up a closed caption profile, you won't see any caption requests on this page, because no one has been able to make a request yet!

Click Manage Profiles in the upper-right of the screen. Then, click Add Profile to create your first profile.


When you click Add Profile, you'll be able to give your new profile a name, and optionally designate it as the default profile for requests.

You'll then select Rev as your caption provider, and input the your email address as the Client API Key and the API key you copied from the Rev website as the User API Key.


Click Save to finish creating the closed caption profile. 


At this point, you have linked your Rev and Warpwire accounts! This article contains information on how to place caption orders within Warpwire. 

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