06.06.2024 - Deliverable Types & Webhook Notification Enhancements

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In this release, we have added a new deliverable_type field to our API and introduced enhanced webhook notifications to provide real-time updates on order statuses. These changes are designed to improve workflow efficiency and provide detailed information about file deliverables.


New deliverable_type Field:

  • Purpose: Helps users distinguish between different types of deliverables in their orders.

  • Endpoints Affected:
    • GET /orders{ORDER_NUM}
    • GET /attachments{ATTACHMENT_ID}

  • Deliverable Types Include:
    • ai_transcript
    • transcript
    • instant_first_draft
    • sandbox_transcript
    • legal_ai_rough_draft
    • legal_human_rough_draft
    • legal_ready_to_certify
    • ai_caption
    • caption
    • burned_in_caption
    • sandbox_caption
    • subtitle
    • deliverable
    • Sandbox_deliverable

  • Documentation: Orders and Attachments

  • Code Example:


  "order_number": "1234567890",

  "attachments": [


      "file_name": "transcript.pdf",

      "deliverable_type": "transcript"



      "file_name": "caption.srt",

      "deliverable_type": "caption"





Enhanced Webhook Notifications:

  • Purpose: Keep users updated in real-time about the status of their transcription and caption orders.

  • Features:
    • Real-Time Updates: Get instant notifications when the status of your order changes.
    • Expanded Notification Customization: Get notified when each individual file in your order is completed using the "FileComplete" parameter.
    • Customizable Payloads: Tailor notifications by choosing between content types for updates.

  • Documentation: Webhook Notifications

  • Code Example:


 order_number: 'ORDER_NUMBER',


  deliverable_type: 'DELIVERABLE_TYPE', // NEW

  attachment_id: 'ATTACHMENT_ID', // NEW

  client_ref: '',

  status: 'In Progress',

  comment: null



  • Ability to view detailed file information with the new deliverable_type field added to the GET /orders{ORDER_NUM} and GET /attachments{ORDER_NUM} endpoints.
  • Ability to receive real-time updates with new webhook notifications and expanded notification customization using the FileComplete parameter.
  • Inclusion of  deliverable_type in the payload for FileComplete and Detailed notification levels, providing more detailed information about each completed file.



  • Ensure your integrations are updated to handle the new deliverable_type field.
  • Leverage the new webhook notifications to stay informed about the status of your orders in real-time.

These enhancements are designed to improve your workflow efficiency and provide better management of your orders.

Full documentation is available at www.rev.com/api/docs.


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