Legal Transcription API with Rev

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To meet our customers' evolving requirements, we've developed an API solution that
provides customized transcripts tailored to your needs. Organizations can now share
contextual information and formatting requirements to ensure the most accurate output


API Capabilities

  • Obtain efficiency at scale while enjoying ordering flexibility and customization
  • Access additional support for your legal proceedings by sharing backup audio files
    and other necessary documents, like Exhibits, for a Ready to Certify* transcript
  • Order any combination of our legal transcription deliverables— Instant First Draft,
    Human Rough Draft, and Ready to Certify —within a single transaction*
  • Select a formatted template and type of proceeding specific to each Ready to Certify
  • Unlocks the ability to place non-legal orders using the same account for those more
    straightforward transcriptions you may need, like body camera footage
  • Send split deposition recordings using our audio concatenation feature and get a
  • single transcript file back



Q: What types of legal proceedings do you support?
A: We support Depositions, Hearings, SORs (Statement On Records), and Examination Under
Oaths (EUOs). All proceedings are supported for Human Rough Draft orders.

Note: For additional proceeding types, you can work with your customer success manager to discuss
other proceeding and template types you may need to obtain a Ready to Certify transcript.

Q: If I need to add additional supplementary files, can I edit my order after it has been
A: Currently we do not support order editing through our API after an order has been placed. You’ll want to include any supplementary files when first processing your orders.
Currently the only way to add additional supplementary documents after the order has
been placed is via the Rev web portal.

Q: What file formats do you support?
A: File types accepted: Text, Word, PDF, JSON, Audio, Video.

Q: Who is this API for?
A: Any organization looking to add a transcription integration to their in-house software.


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