Disconnect and Re-connect Rev and YouTube accounts

If you're having trouble with your Rev / YouTube integration, please take the steps below to disconnect and re-connect your accounts. 

If you need help, please email support@rev.com.

1. Revoke YouTube access from Rev.com

Go to your Account Settings page. Under Integrations Settings, click on the X next to YouTube. 

If you don't see YouTube listed, proceed to step 2. 

2. Ensure Google has revoked your YouTube connection

Go to your Google Connected Accounts page and look for Rev. If you see it, disconnect it. 

Your accounts are now disconnected! If you'd like to place an order using the YouTube integration, go through the checkout process again. 

3. Re-connect your Rev and YouTube accounts

Return to your Account Settings page. Under Integrations Settings, click on the "Link New Account" button. 

Select YouTube and click the "Link" button. 

Please note: If you have more than one Google/YouTube account, make sure you connect the account that hosts the videos you want captioned. 


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