AI Training Opt-Out

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At Rev, providing accurate ASR to our customers is our mission, as every voice deserves to be understood fully and accurately around the world. We’re deeply committed to ensuring the most safe, equitable, and transparent experience for all of our customers.


Please know, our Terms of Service (TOS) were updated on September 6, 2023, and that update was shared via email to our users. As outlined in our update, Rev now uses data perpetually, not just while being an active customer, and it is used anonymously to train Rev’s proprietary AI. It’s important to note that all TOS updates are shared with customers via email at the same time (and only when) the website is updated.


Rev is committed to providing the most accurate and transparent services to its customers and will continue to do so. Customers are able to opt out of sharing their data for training purposes at any time, by emailing . Please let us know if you have any further questions and we are happy to help.

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