Shareable Clips

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Can I share a clip of my transcript with the editor?

You can now share a clip of a transcript by highlighting a portion of any transcript you own and clicking on "Share Clip" in the right-click context menu. Upon clicking "Share Clip”, a link to the transcript with the clip's time range is copied to your clipboard. You can send this link to whoever you want to share your transcript with.

Clicking on this link will open the transcript with the video automatically set to the clip's time range and with the corresponding transcript text highlighted. Additionally, there is an overlay that directs the clip recipient to the portion of the transcript that is in the clip's time range.

Please note that your recipient will be able to see the entire video and the entire transcript, but the clip directs the recipient to the time range you specify. 




Can I create a Shareable Clip for any transcript?

You can only create a Shareable Clip for transcripts that you own. This means that you cannot create Shareable Clips for transcript links that have been shared with you.


Can the clip recipient see transcript comments?

Yes, a clip recipient will be able to view the entire transcript including any comments, highlights, and notes.


How many Shareable Clips can I create per transcript?

You can create as many clips per transcript as you’d like. 

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