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Note: This is only relevant to select customers who have subscribed to Rev Max.


Rev Max is Rev’s new subscription offering for our AI transcription product. The subscription includes two “Premium” paid tiers: $29.99/month for 20 hours/month and Pro $59.99/month for 40 hours/month after the 14-day free trial. 


What is part of Rev Max?

We are launching a new subscription offering for our AI transcription product. Rev Max has two “premium” users tiers – meaning it is only available to accounts using a credit card (non-Enterprise customers or invoicing customers). We offer two tiers at $29.99/month for 20 hours/month and $59.99/month for 40 hours/month. You need to pay for your subscription using a credit card. The subscription auto-renews monthly after the 14-day free trial. 

Why would I want to subscribe to Rev Max? 

  • Simple and cost-effective solution that speaks to your needs – less expensive and easier workflow than placing recurring pay-as-you-go orders
    • $29.99/month for 20 hours/month (vs. $0.25/minute)
    • 5% off Human Transcription, Captions, and Subtitles
    • 1 workspace
  • New Pro Plan features
    • $59.99/month for 40/hours/month
    • 6% off Human Transcription, Captions, and Subtitles
    • Up to 5 workspaces for your team to collaborate from
  • Seamless Zoom integration – users of Zoom can send Zoom cloud recordings automatically to Rev and have AI Rev transcripts of those Zoom meetings.
    • This is only available for subscribers of Rev Max with Zoom accounts Pro and higher. 
  • Near-perfect speaker identification: Speaker identification is near-perfect thanks to the use of Zoom’s cloud recordings via Rev’s integration with Zoom, combined with Rev’s world-leading AI speech-to-text technology for eligible Zoom accounts.
  • Still powered by the same, best-in-class 90% accurate ASR (automatic speech recognition).
  • Over 30 languages other than English offered for AI transcription. (More information here)
  • 14-day Free trial with all of the Rev Max benefits.
  • You can use your subscription on the go with our Voice Recorder App (currently updated for iOS only, Android update coming soon!)
  • Teams can collaborate with one Rev Max Subscription and place orders. 

Where do I go to subscribe?

If you’d like more information about the subscription, you can go to this landing page to read more.


If I cancel my subscription, can it be renewed at a later date?

Yes! Navigate to the "Manage Subscription" page on your account to reactive your membership.

Who is eligible for Rev Max?

Single self-serve users and teams who are paying with a credit card. Users do not have access to the subscribe endpoint (meaning you cannot subscribe to Rev Max) if you are a Rev Pro customer, monthly invoicing customer or Workspaces set up. 

Where do I go to manage my subscription?

Please go to the Manage Subscription page to make any changes to your subscription. This includes changing your credit card, downloading receipts, checking your remaining usage, canceling your subscription, checking your renewal date or renewing your subscription.

Do I still have the ability to pay on a pay-per-minute basis for AI transcription? 

Yes, you have the option to continue to pay for AI transcription on a pay-per-minute basis at our original $0.25/minute rate if you choose not to subscribe. If you exceed the 20 hours/40 hours a month, you will also pay the per-minute pricing until your next renewal date. 

What other Rev products (ie., human transcription, captions, subtitles) are included in Rev Max? 

AI transcription is the only Rev product included in the Rev Max subscription offering. All human services have a 5% discount ( up to $100 off per order) included with the subscription as well. Pro plan users get a 6% discount. 

Is the instant rough draft add-on included in the Rev Max subscription?

No, if you want to place an order for an instant rough draft along with your human transcription order, you will need to pay the $0.10/minute pricing for that rough draft transcript.

How do Rev Max subscribers place an order?

You can use Rev’s AI transcription checkout like normal. Each time you proceed through checkout, you will see the price of the transcription order converted to minutes and deducted from your account. There is also a frictionless upload feature on the Rev Max homepage. 

Each transcribed file will appear in My Files.

How does the Zoom integration work?

Only active subscribers have access to the Zoom integration. 

Once you are subscribed, you will be redirected to the “Manage Zoom Integration” page. From that page you can follow the simple steps to get started:

  1. Link your Rev account to your Zoom account.

Note: You must have a Pro, Business, Business+, Enterprise or Education Zoom account to use this integration. This integration will not work for Free (Basic) Zoom users.

     2. Configure your Zoom settings

Zoom settings that must be enabled to use the Zoom integration: 

  • Cloud Recording Enabled
  • Record Video Enabled
  • Record Audio Transcript Enabled
    • For Zoom Business, Business+, Enterprise, or Education Customers, Zoom settings must be enabled to receive enhanced speaker identification
    • Record Audio Transcript Enabled

Note: We require users to cloud record their zoom meetings to use our app. There are limitations on Zoom Cloud recording that are listed in this article from Zoom.

Note: If you are part of an organization's Zoom account, you will need the admin for your Zoom account to give you approval to download the app. You can select "Request Pre-approval" to alert your admin for approval.

Once you have completed those two steps, the Zoom integration is ready for use. During your next Zoom meeting, you need to record your meeting to the cloud. (Press Record > Record to the Cloud). Once the integration setup is complete, all meetings recorded to the cloud will be transcribed by Rev. The completed AI transcripts will live in My Files on 

How do recorded Zoom meetings count towards the monthly usage cap?

They are billed the same as your monthly minutes. 

What is the difference between Rev Max and Rev Live Captions?

Rev offers two Zoom Apps. They were both built for different purposes and different audiences.


Rev Live Captions was Rev’s first Zoom app built back in 2020 in the peak of COVID-19. This was created in an effort to make remote meetings and courses accessible and engaging with live captions. Users that set this up can enable live closed captions to appear on their Zoom screen.


Rev Max is a subscription offering that includes a Zoom integration. The Zoom integration is a way to get post-meeting AI transcripts sent directly to your Rev account. 


If you have any further questions, we are here to help. You can view our Rev Max: Getting Started Guide or email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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