Rev doesn't currently accept audio or video via hardcopy mediums such as tape cassettes, CDs, or DVDs. At this time, we can only accept digital media. 


Converting Your Hardcopy Audio/Video to a Digital Format

You can place an order with a digital file in any of our Accepted File Formats. For hardcopy media, you'll need to first convert the file to a digital format. We have put this article together for you based on what other customers have successfully used to convert their audio and video files.

You can find directions for converting CDs and DVDs to digital format for Windows and for Mac.
For older hardcopy mediums, like cassette tapes, you'll need to digitize your data first. There are two methods you can follow.


Purchase a USB cassette converter

There are tons of affordable options that you can pick from if you do an internet search. Once your converter has arrived you can follow the instructions included with your converter to digitize your media.


Make use of an old tape deck

For this method to work, you'll need an old tape player or tape deck and a computer with an audio input port (like a mic port).  Most commonly, you'll need to make use of an aux cable (male-to-male 3.5mm cable) and you'll also need to make use of a free program called Audacity. This process can be complicated but should yield higher fidelity files. 

This tutorial provides the steps you'll need to follow to connect your equipment, set up Audacity, and record, edit, and export your files.

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