How Can I Fix the Quality of My Burned In Caption File?

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My burned in caption file does not reflect the quality of the original video. How can I address this?

We're sorry to hear that you were disappointed in the video you received and understand how important it is that the quality of the burned in captions is the same as the original video.


The resolution and frame size of your video will match that of your original upload. Some other factors may be slightly reduced, however, the overall quality should mostly match the original video. If you placed your order through integration or with a URL, it may be that the version we received from the link is a lower quality video than the original.


If you would like to replace the video version we have with a higher quality file you can request this by emailing  with the replacement file or a URL to the replacement file. When providing a URL, the video should be easily accessible and not password protected.


When Support replaces the original source file this will only affect the burned in caption file. When using the Online Customer Editor the initial file will still reflect in the editor but the downloaded version will reflect the new video. You can download your burned-in captions video by following these steps



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