How do I use a PO?

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How do I use a purchase order?

Rev allows the option to provide your purchase order (PO) that has been generated by your institution with approved invoicing accounts only. The PO number is used as a reference to your allocated funds available and approved for 


If you do not yet have invoicing on your account, please fill out the invoicing form noted below or the form can be found here. Once your account is set up for invoicing, please send us your PO information along with either your account number or email associated with the account, and we will add the PO to your account on your behalf. If you already have the PO number available, you can also provide it during the application process.


Note:  Rev does not generate POs on behalf of customers but rather are provided POs from the customers. Additionally, payments for the Invoices should be made via check, wire/ACH, or credit card depending on the invoicing terms approved for your account. POs are not used as a form of payment.


If there are any terms attached to your purchase order that have not been agreed to in writing by Inc.'s legal team, we explicitly do not accept those terms.  


1) Create a Rev user account here (if you don’t already have one)
2) Fill out this form:

 NOTE: Make sure to use the email address on the form that is associated with the account

Important Notes Regarding Invoiced Accounts:

1. Invoices are sent by email only, on the 1st of the month. We invoice on all orders completed/delivered the prior month.
2. Rev's payment terms are Net 30.
3. Past due balances can affect your access to credit billing and your credit may be removed at any time by Rev.
4. You are solely responsible for providing any PO numbers or other information that your systems require. Rev expects to be paid in full for all orders you place.

Please see this article for more important information about invoicing. Not all accounts will be approved for the same invoicing terms as some require auto-pay for accounts under a $1,500 monthly spend. 

Can I use a PO without invoicing? 

We do not offer the option to add a PO number on your behalf to non-invoicing customers. If you would like to use a PO with a pay-as-you-go order, an option that may be possible is adding the number to your reference section of the order:



Upon download of the receipt the PO number you entered will be in the top left as a reference number to use for documentation and tracking purposes with your finance department:



Important Note: We cannot guarantee that this method will be approved by your finance department with your institution. Please contact them for more information. 

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