How Can I Fix an Expired Link?

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What do I do if my link has expired?

Rev file links by default have a 30 day expiration period as a way to secure customer data. Links that expire 30 days after being generated include links in delivery emails and timestamps & other hyperlinks inside downloaded transcript documents. This does not apply to links generated from Rev’s transcript editor & caption editor share modals. If you are trying to access an expired link, you should see a screen like this:


If you are trying to access a link that has already expired, the account owner can generate a new link using the share modal in the editor. You will be able to access the files once the account owner shares the new link with you.  If you are the account owner, follow these steps to generate a new link:


Step 1 

From Rev’s transcript editor or caption editor, click on share on the top right corner of the screen.




Step 2

Within the share modal, you have the option to share this file by adding email addresses or by getting the shareable link. Both formats of sharing will allow you to control the level of access the recipient will have. Select between Can Edit and Can View before sharing.

Default email share view.


Get shareable link view



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