Custom Vocabulary for Rev Live Captions

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How Can I Improve the Accuracy of my Rev Live Captions?

You can improve the accuracy of your live captions by adding words or phrases you use that are not in the average English dictionary, like names of people and places or technical terms.


How can I add Custom Vocabulary for Rev Live Captions?

To add or update your custom vocabulary, go to your Custom Vocabulary settings and select “Update Custom Vocabulary”.

Custom vocabularies are submitted as a list of phrases. A phrase can be one word or multiple words, usually describing a single object or concept.

General Rules:

  • Up to 6000 phrases may be submitted to a custom vocabulary list
  • Phrases must contain at least one English alphabetic character
  • Phrases cannot be longer than 12 words
  • Individual words cannot be longer than 34 characters
  • All non-numeric characters in the Basic Latin set are allowed


How does Custom Vocabulary work?

After you submit custom vocabulary phrase, Rev Live Captions generates an inferred pronunciation based on the spelling of the phrase. Rev Live Captions will then attempt to match those pronunciations with phrases spoken during your next Meeting or Webinar.

While this does not fully guarantee that your custom vocabulary phrases will be used properly in your live captions every time they are spoken, these custom phrases do greatly improve the accuracy of words not in the average English dictionary.


Who can update Custom Vocabulary?

Only Rev Account Owners are able to update Custom Vocabulary for their Rev Live Captions account.  Please note that custom vocabulary is at the account level meaning that there can only be can be one list per Rev Live Captions subscription. This custom vocabulary list will apply to all hosts within a given Rev Live Captions subscription.

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