A Typical Day for a Rev Transcriptionist

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A "typical" day is different for each freelancer, but here are some general practices of the most successful Revvers, who tend to do the following on a regular basis:


Adhere to the style guidelines

Successful agents master Rev's style guidelines. They review the transcription style guide and all accompanying articles and refer to them regularly. Adhering to Rev's style guidelines ensures that clients receive high-quality, consistent transcripts. 


Peruse the workspace, preview files

Successful agents choose files in which they're comfortable with the speaker accents, subject, and audio quality. Aside from the initial training files, projects are not allocated. Freelancers can preview files and work on those in which they're comfortable with and also meeting the deadline. Due to their individual schedules, some agents prefer only short files, while others work only on long projects, or a mix.



Successful agents research correct spellings using context clues, using online reputable sites as well as Google Voice. The goal is to create the most accurate file possible.


Ask for assistance

When there's doubt about how to handle a file or if help is needed deciphering difficult audio, successful captioners use the appropriate resources. This includes first and foremost, the Help Center. Fellow Revvers can also lend an ear on the forum. For more information, we have an article on how to get help


Review graders' notes 

Successful agents apply graders' feedback to subsequent files. Immediate feedback is offered for training files and then after the initial period, files are graded on a random basis. 


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