How Do I Uninstall Rev Live Captions for Zoom? – Help Center

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You can uninstall Rev Live captions from within your Zoom account.

How to Uninstall Rev Live Captions for Zoom?

To uninstall:

  1. As a Zoom account Owner or Admin, go to
  2. Search for the Rev Live Captions app, click “Uninstall” and confirm.
    • In compliance with Zoom's data retention policy, your Rev Live Captions subscription will automatically be cancelled within 10 days after uninstallation. 


Please note: If you wish to cancel your subscription, please first follow the cancellation instructions to ensure you will not be charged for future service.

If you are experiencing any service or subscription issues, please contact before uninstalling the Rev Live Captions integration so we can help troubleshoot without affecting your current subscription.

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