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How do I set up Rev Live Captions for Zoom?

Requirements: To install and use Rev Live Captions for Zoom, you need a free Rev account and a paid Zoom account. Additionally, you must be the Owner of your Rev account and an Owner or Admin of your Zoom account.

Please note: Rev Live Captions currently do not support breakout rooms or waiting rooms. 


Install the Rev Live Captions integration

Start your free trial in Rev

Configure Zoom settings

Add Zoom Users in Rev


Install the Rev Live Captions integration

  • In Zoom, you will be asked to authorize Rev. Click “Authorize”.
    Note: only Zoom account admins can authorize. See “Requirements” at the top of this article for more detail.

  • You will know the installation was successful if you are redirected back to the Getting Started page in Rev. Now, the “Start Your Free Trial” button in step 2 should be enabled.

Start your free trial in Rev

  • In the pop-up, please choose the number of Zoom Hosts you would like to give access to Rev Live Captions. Click “Proceed to Checkout”, enter your payment information, then “Subscribe” to complete.

    Note: After your free trial, your paid subscription will automatically begin and your credit card will be charged. The text in this section will also change when your free trial is ended to reflect the start date of your subscription.

Configure Zoom settings

Add Zoom Users in Rev

This step is not required if you only have a Rev Live Captions account for 1 host

  • On your Getting Started page in Rev, click the “Add Users” button under step 4 to be redirected to the “Manage Users” section on the Manage Live Captions page in Rev.

  • To give Rev Live Captions access to Zoom Users in your Zoom Account, enter their email address in the input box and click “Add Users”.

    You can give access to Rev Live Captions to any Zoom User in your Zoom Account, including Basic Users. You can also add and remove users anytime.

    Note: You must add your own Zoom Host email to the Manage Users section to access Rev Live Captions in your future meetings.

    For a list of all Zoom users in your Zoom account, please see your Zoom User Management page.

    Above the input box, you can see the remaining number of users you can add based on your chosen subscription plan quantity.

    Note: you can increase your plan quantity by selecting "Manage Subscription". To decrease your plan quantity, please email


Your Rev Live Captions setup is complete!

Rev Live Captions will automatically join all meetings hosted by the Zoom Users you nominated under the Manage Users section in your Zoom Live Captions settings page.

Click here for additional information about using Rev Live Captions in your Zoom Meetings.

If needed, you can uninstall Rev Live Captions.




Optional: Manual Zoom Setting Configuration

As a Zoom account Owner or Admin, navigate to your Zoom account settings page.

  • In the Settings, find the “Closed captioning” option and click the toggle to turn it on.
  • Ensure that the “Allow use of caption API Token to integrate with 3rd-party Closed Captioning services” setting is selected.
  • Ensure that the "Allow live transcription service to transcribe meeting automatically“ is unselected.
  • Ensure that the "Allow viewing of full transcript in the in-meeting side panel" is unselected.


Note: Zoom turns on the 'Save Captions' setting automatically when you turn on 'Closed Captions'. With this setting enabled, all meeting participants will have the option to save the meeting transcript locally to their computer.


  • In the Settings section, find the “Allow live streaming meetings” and click the toggle to turn it on. Then, click the check box next to “Custom Live Streaming Service”. Leave the “specific instructions” input box blank.

    allowlivestream.pngNote: Zoom allows only one live streaming service for any given meeting. Disabling other live streaming services at the account level is not required to use Rev Live Captions, but may be useful to prevent unwanted interference.

As a Zoom Host, navigate to your Zoom Meeting settings specific to you as a Host. Confirm the "Closed captioning" and “Allow live streaming meetings” settings described above are enabled.

  • Note: enabling these settings at the account-level should automatically enable them for all hosts in your account, however it is worth confirming these are set.
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