What Payment Methods Does Rev Accept?

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What types of payment can you accept?

Rev offers a variety of payment options to meet each of our customer's needs. You can set up your Rev account with the option that makes the most sense for you. So what are my options?

Credit Card


Prepay Option


Rev Pro

Having trouble?


Credit Card

We accept all major credit cards. You can add or edit your credit card information in your Payment Settings, which can be accessed from the upper right menu by clicking the Hi ____, then clicking My Account from the dropdown menu, then Payment Methods in the left menu. Please ensure you are also entering the matching billing address to that card. 

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See more details on adding or updating credit card information to your account here.



We accept payments via PayPal. Select PayPal at checkout and sign in to your PayPal to use this method of payment. 


Prepay Option

You can add a prepaid balance in your Payment Details, which can be accessed from the upper right menu by clicking the greeting with your name, clicking Settings then clicking Payment Details in the left menu. You can add funds from all major credit cards or a PayPal account. Any amount remaining on a prepaid balance will also display on your payment settings.

See more details on adding or viewing a prepaid balance here.

Please note, based on our terms of service (6.A), we strictly do not refund prepaid balances. 



We now offer Net 30 invoicing for everyone. You can apply using this invoicing request formNo matter your spending history or plans with Rev, you will be eligible for invoicing. 

Please note: Credit cards are required on file to be used for auto-pay each month. 
See more details on our new and improved invoicing options here.


Invoicing: Specifying a cost center

When placing an order, you can use the ‘PO, Project or Department’ field to enter a purchase order number, project code, cost center, department, or any other identifying information. Orders will be grouped and subtotaled by this field in your invoice.


Rev Pro

If you plan to spend at least $10,000 in annual business with Rev, the Rev Pro Plan would be the best option for you. This is ideal for individuals or businesses with recurring transcript or caption needs that want a scalable workflow tailored to the business. This plan requires upfront payments but provides users access to invoicing and volume discounts. Please see here for more details.

Prepay Invoice

We can provide a prepaid invoice upon request via email to . The minimum amount for a prepaid invoice is $1,000.00.

Please note that any and all prepayments made are strictly non-refundable, as per our Terms of Service(6.A).


Having trouble?

If you're having trouble processing your order, it may be due to one of the following:

You're a user on a shared account and are attempting to use a different payment method than the one provided by the account owner. All users on a shared account must use the payment method added by the account owner

  • Incorrect billing information entered (the ZIP code is the most common culprit)

  • You’ve reached your credit limit

  • Your credit limit has decreased

  • A hold on your card (e.g. hotel, rental) that puts you over your credit limit

  • There is a suspicious purchase on your card and your bank has temporarily frozen the account

  • Bank-imposed freeze for other reasons

  • You're on a road trip

  • High transaction amount
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