Viewing Revver Help Center Articles

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Why can't I see any Revver articles?

If you visit the Help Center and see this when you click on the Revver/Freelancer section, even though you have an active Revver account, it means you're not logged in. Once you sign into your Rev account, the remaining Revver articles will be visible. If you are an applicant, you can access all applicant articles here






sign_in_mobile1.jpg  sign_in_mobile2.jpg


**If your account has been deactivated, you will not be able to access the Revver Help Center.



A note about slow load times

You may notice a brief lag (up to 10 seconds) before an article appears if it's your first time visiting the Help Center during that browser session. This is because the site is checking your account permissions to ensure you have access to that article. Once the initial permissions are checked, other articles should load normally.

Should you run into any issues accessing the articles after logging in, please submit a ticket or reach out via Revver Chat.

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