How Do I Upload an English SRT to a Subtitle Order?

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What if I already have an English captions file?

By default, Rev creates a free English SRT file for all Global Subtitles orders. However, if you already have an English SRT, you can include it with your video when placing your order. We'll use your provided English captions as a starting point for the global subtitles, rather than creating our own.

Note: Please ensure that your English SRT file's timecode begins at 00:00:00.000. SRT files that begin at any other time can present challenges in the subtitling process that can result in errors. You will have the ability to manually apply any necessary timecode offsets to your subtitles once they are completed.

Our team will ultimately subtitle the audio, so if the audio ever deviates from the SRT, the audio will take precedence.


Step 1: Upload your video

For more information on adding video files for Global Subtitles, see Placing an Order.

Step 2: Select language(s) and file format(s)

Step 3: Upload your English SRT

Click Optional information, check the box for I already have English captions (.srt format), click the add .srt button to the right of your uploaded video.






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