How Do I Upload a File from Voice Memos (Apple/iOS)?

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I recorded a file using the Voice Memos app. How do I upload it?

1. Save the file to your phone.

2. Open the iPhone Voice Memos app on your device.

3. Tap the file you want to have transcribed.

- It will open slightly to reveal a play bar, ellipsis menu (...), and a trash can icon.

4. Tap the ellipsis menu in the upper right.


5. Choose the Save to Files option.


6. Tap the On My iPhone option

- It will expand to open a list of folders.

7. Tap Save in the upper right of the screen

- The file is now saved to your phone.


8. Open your mobile browser and navigate to

9. Tap Get Started (

10. Tap Get Transcripts (

11. Tap Upload File and you will see the following menu.

12. Tap Choose File.


13. This should bring up a menu of all the files and folders saved on your phone. The file you just saved from the Voice Memos app should appear on this screen. Tap on it to begin the upload process.


You can now proceed with the checkout process to place your transcription order. 

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