How Do I Fix an Incomplete Transcription Order?

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Where is the rest of my order?

When you place an order with multiple files, you will receive each one back as soon as it's completed. This means that you will receive an email once the first file is ready, even if the rest of the order is still in progress.

We operate as a marketplace for freelancers, which means they are able to pick and choose which files they work on. Because of this, you may receive files out of order, since each file is worked on by a different transcriptionist. Rest assured we are still hard at work on your remaining files.

If you would like to adjust your email settings so that you only receive a single email when the entire order is ready, you can do so in your Notification Settings

If for any reason a file in your order cannot be completed (audio quality, processing issues, etc.), we'll email you to let you know that the file has been cancelled and a full refund issued for it. 

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