Modifying Timestamps (Offset)

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How do I adjust the timestamps to match my burned-in timecode?

You can offset the start time of your timestamps easily in our online editor. Select the ellipses from the box in the middle and then from the drop-down menu select Offset timestamps.


This opens a pop-up that allows you to adjust the start time of your file, down to the second. By default, all files are delivered with 00:00:00 timestamps. If you had a running timecode that started at 24 minutes, you would change this to 00:24:00.


When you click Apply, all timestamps in the transcript will shift to the new start time you set. In this case, our first timestamp was previously 00:09, and after applying the offset it's 24:09.


You can also adjust timestamps when downloading a file from your order page, which can be accessed in your Order History. Click your order number, then click Download next to the file name. You will see the option to offset the timestamps at the bottom of the popup that appears. Once you've set the new start time, click the purple Download button and your downloaded transcript will contain your offset timestamps.


Individual timestamps within the transcript are not editable, and any offset changes will apply to the entire transcript.

What if I need to move the timestamps backward?

While we offer this for our caption files, we're unable to apply a negative offset for timestamps in a transcript (moving the start time backward instead of forward).

What if the timecodes in my file jump and aren't continuous?

We're currently offering a burned-in timecode beta trial. If you're a part of this beta group, our system will attempt to automatically match all timestamps in the file to the timecode on screen, even if it isn't continuous. This applies to video files that have on-screen timecode only. Keep in mind that this is still a beta feature and may not always work as expected.

To opt in to this beta group, please email or via live chat by clicking on the help button on the bottom right of this page and we would be glad to get you added. There is no charge for this service. The timecode matching will apply to all orders going forward but is not retroactive.

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