What Are Shared Accounts?

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What are shared accounts/teams?

Shared accounts, or teams, allow multiple users to place orders using a single billing method. They also make collaboration a breeze.

There are three levels of Rev shared accounts: Viewer, User, Manager, and Owner. Here’s a breakdown of each one:

image (1).png

All users on a team must use the billing method on file, and only the account admin is able to update this payment method. This also applies to prepaid balances, which can only be added by the account admin.

The account owner serves as the gatekeeper. Owners can limit the ability to view and edit to certain users by choosing who to designate as Managers. Managers can see and edit all files on an account, Viewers can only see and edit their own files, and Users can see and edit their own and any files in the Public Workspaces. Added Viewers and Users will never see the credit card information on file, but they do have the ability to place orders.

Owners can add Viewers, Users, and Managers to their accounts. Managers can add Viewers and Users. This gives teams access to a shared Rev account vs. requiring multiple usernames and passwords for each person. Additionally, all content stored in your account can be easily accessed by everyone on the team, depending on the permissions set. No more hold-ups waiting for someone to send you a file.

See our Rev for Teams help articles to learn more about inviting/revoking teammates and changing permissions.

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