How Do I Use the Subtitle Editor?

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How do I edit my subtitles in the free online editing tool?

Our editor makes reviewing your file a breeze. You can listen along with the audio, adjust caption group timing and length, and even alter more nuanced things like US/UK English.

Important note: The editor becomes available once all languages in your order are completed; however, we're working on an update that will allow you to access it once any part of your order is ready. Stay tuned!



It can be accessed by clicking any file name on your My Files page, or by clicking View and Edit next to the file name on your order page, accessible through your Order History

The editing process is the same for global subtitles as it is for captions. To toggle between the language you're editing, click the language link at the top of the editor. The new language will load in the same editing window.


Editing Your Captions

If you want to make any changes to either the text or the timing of the file, you can easily do so. Below your video is a listing of the different caption groups in your file. To edit the text, click into the caption group you want to make changes to, then edit like you would in a normal word processor. 

You can also adjust the timing and placement of the caption group. On the timeline between the video and the caption groups, you can either drag an entire caption group to a different start time, or you can just adjust the timing of it to make it longer or shorter.

You can also drag a caption group to the top of the video screen if you prefer it in the upper third.

In addition to editing the text and timing, you can also merge caption groups and create new caption groups. If you hover to the left between the caption group you wish to merge, a small icon will appear. Click the merge icon to join the two groups together, or the + icon to add a new caption group.

If you need to split a caption into two groups, place your cursor where you want the caption to split, then hit Enter.

To delete a caption group, hover over that caption group and click the X icon.


In the menu to the left of the caption editor, you can:

  • Reload the original captions (reverts any changes you've made)
  • Remove or adjust the formatting of the atmospherics in your file
  • Switch between formal and informal language
  • Switch between US and UK English
  • Remove gaps between caption groups
  • Check spelling
  • Find and replace
  • View keyboard shortcuts

When you're done making changes, click the red Download button to download your file, or Share to share access to the editor with someone. 

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