Transcription Order Preferences

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Where can I set my default preferences for transcription orders?

These options are found on your Account Settings page under Order Preferences > Transcription Settings. Click the purple Edit button to modify these.


Please note: Any changes you make here will apply to all orders going forward. If you want to apply one of these settings to only some orders, those options can be selected at checkout instead. In addition, changing these settings will not apply to orders already in progress.

You can adjust the following in your transcription settings:

Preferred File Type

We offer 3 formats; DocX (Word), TXT (Plain text), and PDF.


Rush All Orders

- Additional $1.25 per audio minute to receive transcripts up to 5x faster
- Speaker names may be inconsistent
- Only applies to orders placed through the desktop site
- Learn more about Rush here

Shorten Turnaround Time 

- Free service to deliver transcripts up to 2x faster
- Speaker names may be inconsistent
- Applies to files > 30 minutes in length

Enable timestamps for all orders

- Additional $0.30 per audio minute
Learn more about timestamps here

Enable verbatim for all orders

- Additional $0.50 per audio minute
Learn more about verbatim here

Add instant first draft to all orders

- Additional $0.10 per audio minute
Learn more about instant first draft here

Informal spelling

- On by default

Uncheck to convert certain text to formal spelling (e.g. "gonna" becomes "going to")

Transcription Format

You can also choose whether to have transcripts delivered in a paragraph or table format. See these examples below. 


Explicit Language Filter

By default, we will transcribe any and all explicit language, if audibly spoken. If you prefer to have the explicit language censored using dashes, or asterisks, or for them to be removed completely, you can set that here. 


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