Caption Order Preferences

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Where can I set my default preferences for caption orders?

These options are found on your Account Settings page under Order Preferences > Caption Settings. Click the purple Edit button to modify these.


Please note: Any changes you make here will apply to all orders going forward. If you want to apply one of these settings to only some orders, those options can be selected at checkout instead. In addition, changing these settings will not apply to orders already in progress.

You can adjust the following:

Preferred Speaker Prefix

By default, we will indicate new speakers in a caption file with a hyphen (-) and, if the speaker isn't shown on screen during the dialogue, a label. We have several other formatting options available to suit your needs.


Preferred Caption File Type

By default, orders are delivered back to you as SubRip (.srt) files. If you prefer to receive another format, you can adjust your preferences here.



All of our caption files include atmospherics to describe important non-speech sounds in a video (e.g. dog barking, tires squealing). You can choose whether to have these contained in parentheses or brackets, or you can select to have them omitted altogether.


Timecode Offset

If your files consistently have a start time other than 00:00:00, you can choose a standard offset to apply to all orders. Most files will not need this, and this setting is typically used by those placing production orders. 


Explicit Language Filter

By default, we will caption any and all explicit language, if audibly spoken. If you prefer to have the explicit language censored using dashes, or asterisks, or for them to be removed completely, you can set that here. 


Informal Spelling

By default, we will caption words as spoken, which we call informal spelling. If you prefer to use formal spelling in your captions (e.g. the speaker says "gonna" but you would like the captions to read "going to") uncheck this box.


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