Downloading a Caption File in a Different Format

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Can I download my file in a different format?

When you order captions with Rev, all of our caption formats are included for one price.

You can download any additional format you need right from our online editor, which can be accessed by clicking the file name on the Workspace page of your account. When you click Download in the editor, a pop-up box will appear, and you can choose any other format needed.


How do I download multiple caption files from a single order?

If you need to download multiple files in a single order, you can visit your Order History page, click the order number for the files you want to download, then click Download Files located on the top right of your list of files. You will have the option to choose which format(s) you need. Select your formats from the drop-down menu, as described above. Press Download again at the bottom of this pop-up window to download your selected files into a Zip folder.

Currently, there is no option to download files from multiple orders from Order History, but this can be done in your Workspace.


How do I download more than one caption file from separate orders?

If you need to download caption files that were not placed in the same order. , you can visit your Workspace to download them into a ZIP file.

How to download ALL files from your My Files view:

  • Click the box to the left of the column titled Name. This will select all files available on this page.
  • Once selected the Download button will appear.
  • Select Download
  • A pop-up box will appear.
  • Make your file type selection and press Download to generate a ZIP file with your captions. 


How to download files with the individual selection option:

  • Click the check box to the left of each individual file name that you would like to download to the ZIP file.
  • Once you have chosen your files, follow the same directions as above to select the format(s) and download.



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We offer the following formats -- click any file name to download a sample file of that format.

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