How Do I Fix Quality Issues with My Captions?

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I have a concern about the quality of my captions

We're sorry to hear that you were disappointed in the quality of the captions you received and understand how important accuracy is. We would be more than happy to have our QC team review them for you. To send the file to QC, simply rate the captions 3 stars or less and leave a comment describing what the issue is. We take care of the rest.

You can leave a rating on any caption file from your Workspace page. 


This rating also automatically flags the captions for us to take a closer look at them and determine what action should be taken as a result of our quality review. We want you to be pleased with our service, so we appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to make it right.


If you are pleased with other files that you have received from Rev, please also give those files ratings of 5 stars. We'll send a congratulatory note to the freelancer on your behalf to let them know their hard work was genuinely appreciated. 


*Please note that we can review a file up to 6 months (180 days) past the date of delivery. You are welcome to rate your file beyond this date, but a review may not be completed beyond this window of time. 

How does Rev rate the quality of captions files when reviewing feedback?

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