How Do I Edit Speaker Names?

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How do I edit or remove speaker names in my transcript?

It's easy to edit or remove speaker labels using our free customer editor:

  • Click any speaker label in your transcript to open the edit screen

You can choose from one of the given speaker labels or hit +to create a new speaker.



  • To edit a speaker label name, simply click the pencil next to their name on the color-coded speaker labels list on the right-hand side. Correct the name in the box and hit save to apply the changes. By hitting the + symbol you can also add a speaker label to be used in the transcript.
  • If you change the speaker name for one color in the left column, it will change all speaker names of the same color. 


  • If you need to make a new speaker label mid-paragraph, click your mouse where you would like the new speaker label to begin. Then double-tap on the enter key to generate a new speaker label. You can then change, edit or create a new speaker name.

Please note, hitting the enter key once only splits the paragraph and does not generate a new speaker label. 


How to clean up duplicate speaker names?

There may be duplicated speaker names in certain situations, and they might be attributed to the same speaker. The speaker colors may vary as well. If our editor detects the duplication, a merging function will surface to combine similar speakers into a uniform representation.

Just below the list of speakers on the left side of the editor, you will see a Merge Speakers button. Simply click this button to merge similar names, and the color will unify along with them. If there is more than one duplication recognized, one click will fix them all.




How do I remove the speaker labels?

You also have the option to remove all speaker labels when you download your transcript. Click Download in the upper right corner of the editor. Uncheck the box that says Include speaker names and click the purple Export button. The downloaded copy of your transcript will not contain any speaker names.


*Please note: We strive to always include names provided, but there may be times when our team cannot do so. If the transcriptionist can't tell which person each name should go with or otherwise has trouble identifying them, they will use speaker numbers instead of names i.e., Speaker 1, Speaker 2, etc. Likewise, if there are similar voices that can't be distinguished, speakers may be identified in this way.

Another reason your speaker labels may not be correct is if you ordered Rush or submitted a file that is 90 minutes or longer. These files are split into smaller segments to be worked on, which can result in speaker labels being incorrect in the final file.

While we don't guarantee speaker labeling, the transcription editor makes it fairly easy to correct most issues with speaker labels. 

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