How Do I Add Team Members?

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How do I add someone to my team?

You can invite new users to your Rev account by visiting the Invite Users or Org Members Page. Click +Invite User(S)

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Next,select the workspace that you would like the team member to join, assign their role, then type their email address in the box and press enter. Once you have pressed enter, press the purple INVITE USERS button to send the invitation.

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Once someone has been invited but has not yet accepted, they will appear under the Pending Invites section of the page. You can resend or revoke the invitation at any time by first selecting (...), then selecting resend or revoke. 

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Those who have accepted your invitation will appear under the Teammates section of the page. This is also where you can adjust user permissions. You'll also receive an email when someone accepts your invitation.

To display previously revoked users, check the Show revoked users box.

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Once someone accepts your invitation, you can adjust their permissions to change what they have access to.  Click here to learn more about managing your team, and here to read about the different roles team members can have.

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