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How do I change the appearance of my captions?

The file we deliver contains only the text and the timing of the captions, and any appearance (font, size, etc) is determined by either the video platform you upload to or the video editing software you use to add the captions.

Currently, we're not able to adjust the appearance of your captions within the Rev platform. Keep in mind that the preview you see in your account may not reflect the final appearance of the captions on your video, depending on where it's hosted.

If you added Burned-In Captions to your order, you can view your customization options at this web page.

If you're using video editing software you may be able to adjust the appearance and placement of the captions there as well. Some popular caption editing programs are:

A Note About Onscreen Text

For captions that cover on screen text, you can use our customer-facing editor to move captions to the top (or bottom) of the screen. Open your file in the editor, click on the caption ground, and drag it to the top of the screen. Keep in mind that caption placement is only maintained in certain formats, and 3rd party applications for embedding captions may actually override this placement. 

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