How Do I Download My Caption File?

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How do I download my caption file? Can I download my file in a different format?

When you order captions with Rev, all of our caption file formats are included for free.  You can download your caption file from several different parts of our site.

Downloading from the Editor

Downloading from Order History

Downloading from your Workspace

Batch Download from Your Workspace

Downloading Additional Formats (Including Burned-In Captions Video):

Downloading from the Editor

You can download any additional sidecar format you need right from our online editor, which can be accessed by clicking the file name on the My Files page of your account. When you click Download in the editor, a pop-up box will appear, and you can choose any other format needed.


NOTE: If you placed your order using an integration, such as YouTube, the button will display an option to upload to the site you integrated with, e.g. Upload to YouTube. Click on the dropdown arrow on this button to view the Download option.

Downloading from Order History

You can also download your captions from specific order pages by visiting your Order History page, clicking the order number you'd like to download from, and then clicking on the "Download" option to the right of your file name. You will also have the option to choose which format(s) you'd like to download:


At this time we're not able to bulk download across different orders, so you will need to download your caption files at the individual order level. We anticipate adding this option in the future, so please check back with us.

Downloading from your Workspace

Finally, you can download your file directly from the Workspace page. Click the ellipsis menu (...) next to the file name, then select Download. As with downloading from the editor, a pop-up appears allowing you to select specific options before downloading.


Batch Download from your Workspace

To download multiple files from the Workspace page, check the box next to each file you wish to download, then click the blue Download link at the top of the screen. As with downloading from the editor, a pop-up appears allowing you to select specific options before downloading.

Currently, you can only batch download files of the same order type (i.e. transcription, auto transcription, or captions/subtitles). If you've selected files of different order types, the Download option will be grayed out. Folder downloads are also not supported at this time. We plan to support both combination and folder downloads in the near future.


Downloading Additional Formats

When you order captions with Rev, all of our caption formats are included for free. We offer the following formats -- click any file name to download a sample file of that format.

Downloading Your Burned-In Video

Rev now offers burned-in captions (delivered as an MP4 video file) for an additional $0.30/per audio minute. You may add this feature at checkout or add burned-in captions to a previous order. 

Once your order has been completed, to review, customize, or reprocess your burned-in captions video, select your file from your Workspace page. That should open it up in our Customer Editor.

If you then click on the download button, in the top right of the Customer Editor, y
ou'll see a popup that has the SRT and Video file formats listed.
Remove the SRT file format so that only "Video" remains, then select the option to customize, and click next.
That will then take you to the burned-in captions customization options, as shown in the following video:


Once you're done making your changes, click on Generate Video to reprocess the burn-in.

The burned-in video will not be downloaded instantaneously like the other caption output formats; instead, you will be notified via email once your burned-in video is ready, which takes roughly one-fifth of the length of the video (i.e. a 10-minute video may take about 2 minutes to burn the captions in).

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