Can you convert my transcription order to captions?

I received a transcript, but I needed captions on my video. Can you convert the file?

To generate a caption format (.srt, .vtt, .scc, etc) that can be used to add text to a video, a caption order is needed. Caption orders will begin with CP##########.  If your order number is formatted as TC##########, that means it was placed and processed as a transcription order.

If you're wondering why we can't just convert the transcript text you received into a different format, that's a fair question, and we're glad to provide more insight into the process. Because the two services are completed by different team members using different guidelines, we don't have a way to convert a transcription order to a caption order using an automated tool or file converter. Transcription files don't contain the needed timing and text breaks required in a caption file. These elements are handcrafted by our caption team members.

You're welcome to upload your file to a new order and we would be glad to get that captioned for you.

If you ordered captions but would like a plain transcript without any timecodes, you can download our .txt (Transcript) format for free from the caption editor in your account.

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