Using Line, Rev's editing tool


What is Line?

Rev has created an editor that lets you start with a rough draft generated using Rev’s own speech-recognition technology. 

What do I need to do with this Line draft?

Please edit this first draft to produce a polished transcript that accurately reflects the audio and which follows Rev’s style guidelines. ALWAYS listen all the way through to the end of the audio file to ensure the final transcript is accurate and complete. Do not overly rely on this first draft. Please:

  • Correct mishears and typos
  • Correct punctuation
  • Add inaudible and crosstalk tags where appropriate
  • Transcribe what the draft transcript did not accurately capture, and retype sections if needed
  • Attribute what is being said to the correct speaker

Can I use ExpressScribe?

For the application, please use the Line editor. Line is not compatible with foot pedal software. 


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