Troubleshoot Common Editor Problems

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Sometimes technology products misbehave. If you experience technical issues with the Editor or the Rev workspace, try these fixes. Together, these fixes solve 99% of Revver technical problems.

Please note that if you have a really old computer or a poor internet connection, Rev's site and tools likely will never work well for you. Rev recommends using the most up to date version of Google Chrome or Opera as your browser for compatibility with our Editor.


Technical troubleshooting, in rough order of priority:

  1. Close any programs / apps you're not actively using
  2. Close any browser windows / tabs you're not actively using
  3. Quit and restart the browser
  4. Clear browser temporary caches such as browsing history and temporary files
  5. Restart the computer, to reset all temporary storage (it's amazing how often this helps!!)
  6. Try switching to Chrome or Firefox (whatever you're not currently using)
  7. Re-install the browser
  8. Plug in to your internet router using a cable instead of using wifi. Don't use a cellphone hotspot
  9. Use a wired instead of wireless keyboard
  10. Disable browser extensions and plugins such as ad blockers, text expanders, and extra toolbars. BrowseFox, Ask, and AOL toolbars are known trouble-makers
  11. Make sure your computer doesn't have any malware, by running this program recommended by many PC (and Mac) repair shops:
  12. In Chrome, try: Settings > Show advanced settings > System > unselect ‘Use hardware acceleration’
  13. More ideas can be found here: 
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