Placing and Receiving Rev Caption Orders Using Google Drive

Rev’s Google Drive integration will save you time by allowing you to place and receive orders via Google Drive, eliminating the need to visit Instead, you’ll interact with Rev via two Google Drive folders:  

  • One folder places a caption order with Rev whenever a file is dragged into it
  • One folder receives completed caption files

Orders placed via the Google Drive integration also receive per-second pricing rather than rounding up to the nearest dollar. For example, a 1.5 minute video costs $1.50 via the Google Drive integration and $2.00 when ordered on

In addition, if you are going to place several orders using these folders, you may want to get setup with monthly invoicing. If you use monthly invoicing, this will eliminate receiving a separate charge on your credit card each time you place an order using the folders. To get setup with monthly invoicing, please click here.

NOTE: Only files that are less than 1GB will work with these folders. Anything over 1GB, please submit through your Rev account.

To get started, just fill out the form below. There are no charges to use the Google Drive integration. Any questions? Email

Google Drive Caption Form

Once you have filled out the above form, we will set up your two Google Drive folders and then send you two emails. One will be for you to accept the folder that we are sharing with you into your Google Drive and the other email will be a 'Getting Started'. You will then be ready to start using Google Drive to send/receive your caption orders.

Please follow the instructions below regarding placing and receiving your caption orders through Google Drive.

1) Sending a file for captioning

Log in to your Google Drive.


2) Locate the folder that Rev created and shared with you.

Once you are in Google Drive, locate the folder that is labelled, Rev - (your email). This folder contains subfolders you will use to send and receive your caption orders from Rev. Put your cursor over the folder and click to open it.


3) Sending a file for caption

When you have opened your Rev folder, you will see two subfolders. The one labelled, 'Send - Rev Caption - (your email)', is the one you will use for uploading and sending your file to Rev. Click on this subfolder to open.

4) Upload your file

Once you are in the 'Send' folder, there are two ways to upload a file to this folder. One, click on the 'New' button in the upper left side, then 'File Upload'.  This will open up a window to where you can search for the file you want to upload. When you have located the file and clicked on it, your upload will begin. Or, you can locate the file on your computer and drag it into the 'Send' folder in Google Drive.

Once you have completed the above steps, you will receive an email confirmation from Rev.


Receiving your completed caption from Rev

Once your file has been captioned, you will receive an email notification from Rev. 

To find your caption order, go to your Google Drive.

Find the folder that is labelled, Rev - (your email). Open the folder and click on 'Receive - Rev Caption - (your email)'.

This is where your completed captions will be sent once Rev has completed them.  From here, you can open, edit, and even download your caption document.

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