Connecting your Rev and Panopto accounts

Panopto and Rev customers are now able to place Rev caption orders from within Panopto. Completed caption files will be automatically pushed back to the appropriate video in Panopto. 

To get started, you'll need to connect your Panopto account to a Rev account. 

Create a Rev account 

Create a account by visiting If you already have a account, proceed to the next step.

Sign up for Rev invoicing 

Using the / Panopto integration requires invoicing from Rev. You will receive an invoice at the end of each month, and payment is due in 30 days. Please fill out the following form:

On the invoicing form, on the "Do you use the following video platforms?" field, choose Panopto. You'll receive an email from Rev when you're approved for invoicing. 
Get your Rev API User Key 

Get your API user key. When logged into, view the settings page and click “show” next to the API Key.


Your API Key will be used to link Panopto and Rev in a step below. 

Link your and Panopto accounts.

Login to Panopto with your Admin account.

Go to System -> Caption Services.


At the top, you will see a Caption Services description. Below it, click on New.


Select Rev from the list as your caption provider.


For “Service Name,” enter your preferred name for Rev - e.g., “School of Business Captions”

For “Private Key,” enter the Rev API key you received previously.

Check “Enable this provider.”


At this point, you have linked your Rev and Panopto accounts! This article contains information on how to place caption orders within Panopto. 

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