How Do I Place an Order Using the Panopto Integration?

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This article will help you start ordering captions once you have linked your Panopto and Rev accounts. If your accounts are not linked, read this article to get started. 

Assigning Permission to Submit Captions

After enabling any of the caption services, there is an additional option to allow any user to request this service level. If this box is checked, any creator or videographer account can request captions for their recording.


If you choose to restrict access to certain users, leave the above box un-checked -> go to Users -> select a user -> Info tab -> scroll down to System Roles and check the box for Caption requester. Then click Update Roles to save.


How to Request Captions Per Session

To submit a caption job, click the settings icon on the top bar of any session.


Select the Captions tab and click Order.


Creators can use this same tab to see the current status as well as download the caption file when it has been completed.


Rev will also send the account owner a confirmation the order was placed. The account owner will also receive a confirmation email when the order is completed.

Enabling Automatic Caption Requests Per Folder

If enabled, this will automatically caption any new recordings that are added to the Folder. It will not go back and request captions for sessions already in that folder. Browse to the folder you wish to set up automatic captions for and click the Settings icon on the top right-hand side.


Click the Settings tab and choose your caption provider in the drop down (you can choose different providers for different folders).


Monitoring Caption Requests

You can monitor captions at a session or site level. To monitor the captions for a specific session browse to that session and click the Settings icon. Then click the Captions tab.


Admins can go to System then Caption & Translation Requests to see the current status of any caption request.



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