How to Rev: A Quick Start Guide For Captions

It’s easy to order captions and transcriptions with Rev! Here’s a walkthrough of your first order with Rev.

Step 1: Navigating to Captions screen

If you’re on the front page of, click on the services tab and then click captions. Or from any page on the site, click on the top menu bar and select ‘captions’.

Click the big red button that says ‘get started.’

Step 2: Create Your Caption Order

The site prompts you to select the source of your video. Since we’re uploading a video from your computer, you’ll choose the far left option, ‘upload files from your computer.’  Click the red button that says ‘upload files.’

Step 3: Choose Files Screen

On the choose file screen, you’ll have several options for uploading a video, listed to the left. You can upload files from your computer, FTP, by copy/pasting a URL, or by using cloud storage such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or OneDrive. In this example, we’ll use uploading a file from your computer, but click on the links above to get instructions for those workflows.

Since we’re uploading the file from your computer, your option is preselected for you. At this point, you can either click the red ‘choose files’ button and select the files from your computer, or simply drag and drop the files from your computer into the window.

You’ll notice that once you’ve selected one file, the window changes to show a list of the files you’ve selected. You may click the red button marked ‘add more files’ to continue selecting files through file explorer, or continue dragging and dropping files into the box at the top of the window.  You may upload up to five gigabytes worth of files at a time.

Once you’re done selecting your videos, just click the upload button on the lower right to securely upload your files to our system.

Step 4: Input Info and Select File Format

When you click the upload button, you’ll be taken back to the ‘create your caption order’ screen. You’ll see a list of the videos you’ve uploaded. Simply input the length of each video you uploaded;  once you’ve done this, the system will give you a subtotal. Partial minutes are rounded up to the nearest whole minute. For example, if your video is 13 minutes and 24 seconds long, just type 14 into the field.

The next step is selecting your output format. Click to open the drop-down menu labeled ‘Output File Format(s)’ and select the format you need. Don’t know what to select? Click here for a breakdown of which file formats you need! Also, we can always convert your caption files to a different format for you at any time, at no additional charge.

If you would like to add a transcript, vocabulary list, or other reference materials to ensure our captioning specialists are able to provide the most accurate caption file we can, or if you’d like to give your order a project name or reference number, you may do so by clicking the + sign under ‘output file formats.’ This opens up the optional information screen.

Ready? Click the checkout button and let’s get your order started!

Step 5: Checkout

Once you click the checkout button, you’ll be prompted to register, or to log in if you’ve already registered. Just provide us with your name, email, a password, and a phone number and you’ll be good to go! Please note that we never use your phone number for marketing or release it to any third parties. We request it to ensure we can reach you if we have questions about your video and captions to ensure we provide you a high quality caption file within our guaranteed turnaround times.

Step 6: Payment

At this stage, input your credit card information. You may store your credit card info to save time for future orders; we use state-of-the-art encryption to protect your data, so you’re safe with us. You may also check out with Paypal.

For information about setting up an Enterprise account with 30-day net billing, click here.

Step 7: Receiving Your Captions

For your convenience, we e-mail you the captions when they are complete. For caption files of less than thirty minutes, this is a 24-hour turnaround, and even for larger files the turnaround times are often less than that. Just download the file and you’re good to go!

Step 8: Adding Captions to your Videos

We have a large library of how-to guides to help you upload your captions to various popular online video platforms. Click here to learn how to add captions to Blackboard, Vimeo, Panopto, and many more!

We’re here to make life easier on you. Contact our support department if you need any help with ordering captions. We also offer integrations with YouTube, Kaltura, and other video platforms.


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