How To Upload Captions to Camtasia Videos (PC Instructions)

Camtasia is a software package for screen recording, commonly used for product demos, video lessons, marketing videos, and webinars. Camtasia Studio 7.1 allows the user to add captions and/or subtitles to their Camtasia videos. This allows Camtasia users to make their files ADA-compliant, and also adds the capacity for users to search for keywords in the video. Let’s go through the workflow of adding captions to your Camtasia videos and presentations.

Note: These instructions are for Camtasia Studio for Windows. Instructions for Camtasia for Macintosh are coming soon.

One: Export Your Camtasia Video

First, open your video in Camtasia Studio. Select Produce and Share under the File tab, then select Custom Production Settings. Next, select MP4/FLV/SWF – Flash Outputs. Then click Next.

At this point, you should be on the Flash Templates screen. Select No Controls under Template Appearance and 320x240 for the ‘fit in’ size. Click next.

This brings you to the Video Options screen. Leave the default settings as-is and click next again. On the Produce video screen, type your preferred file name under production name and select the folder where you’d like your video to be saved on your device. Ensure the Organize Produced Files Into Sub-Folders box is not checked. Click ‘Finish.’

Once the video has downloaded, we recommend reviewing it to ensure that the video sounds and looks the way you intended it to.

Step 2: Navigate to

If you’re on the front page of, click on the Services tab and then click Captions. Or from any page on the site, click on the top menu bar and select Captions.

Click the big red button that says ‘get started.’

Step 3: Create Your Caption Order

The site prompts you to select the source of your video. Since we’re uploading a video from your computer, you’ll choose the far left option, Upload Files From Your Computer. Click the red button that says Upload Files.

Step 4: Choose Files Screen

On the choose file screen, you’ll have several options for uploading a video, listed to the left. Since we’re uploading your Camtasia file from your computer, your option is preselected for you. At this point, you can either click the red Choose Files button and select the file or files from your computer, or simply drag and drop the files from your computer into the window.

You’ll notice that once you’ve selected one file, the window changes to show a list of the files you’ve selected. You may click the red button marked Add More Files to continue selecting files through file explorer, or continue dragging and dropping files into the box at the top of the window. You may upload up to five gigabytes worth of files at a time.

Once you’re done selecting your videos, just click the Upload button on the lower right to securely upload your files to our system.

Step 5: Choose Format And Complete Order

Once you’ve uploaded your video files to be captioned, it’s time to create your caption order.

When you click the upload button, you’ll be taken back to the Create Your Caption Order screen. You’ll see a list of the videos you’ve uploaded. Simply input the length of each video you uploaded; once you’ve done this, the system will give you a subtotal. Partial minutes are rounded up to the nearest whole minute. For example, if your video is 13 minutes and 24 seconds long, just type 14 into the field.

The next step is selecting your output format. Camtasia supports the SubRip (.srt) format. Click to open the drop-down menu labeled Output File Format(s) and select .srt as your caption format.

Complete the checkout process and your captions will be delivered to you by email when they are completed.

Step 6: Download your captions from Rev

You’ll receive an email from Rev with your captions attached as a sidecar file. Download the file and you’re ready to add your captions to your Camtasia video!

Step 7: Add Your Captions to Your Camtasia Video

Open your video in Camtasia again. Under Tools, select Captions. Go to Advanced, select Import Captions, and select the .srt caption file that you downloaded in step 6. Once you have uploaded the caption file, save the video. Then go to the File menu and select Produce and Share. Select Custom Production Settings. Next, you’ll want to select MP4/FLV/SWF – Flash Outputs. Then click next.

On the flash controllers screen, you have the choice of selecting closed captions or having the video captions be always on. Most users prefer closed captions, giving the user the choice to toggle their captions on and off. If you’re going to use closed captions, make sure the captions are set to display ‘on video’ as opposed to ’under video’. You may learn how to do this in the next section.

Optional: Adjusting Placement, Style, and Formatting Of Your Captions

Under global settings, there is a formatting toolbar where you can adjust font size and style, paragraph formatting and background color for captions. You may also adjust placement of your captions, which is important as, if you are using ‘closed captions,’ you’ll want to make sure ‘on video’ is selected for the caption placement.

Optional: Adding Searchability To Your Camtasia Captions

Once the captions have been added, you may add search functionality to your Camtasia video with only a couple small steps! Under the File tab, select Produce and Share. Then click on Custom Production Settings, and select MP4/FLV/SWF – Flash Outputs on the next screen. Click the Next button.

On the Flash Controllers screen, select Overlay Controls and check the box next to Searchability. Then click Next to proceed and Finish to complete the project and start processing the video.

After your video has been produced, it can be opened in any common web browser. Users may access the search bar by hovering their mouse cursor over the video, and typing a word pulls up a list of results containing that word. One can then jump straight from the search results to the relevant portion of the video.

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