Getting Started - How to link to and upload files from your Google Drive account

With Google Drive and Rev, you can upload videos from any device a thanks to the power of the cloud. We accept all major video file formats and can output caption files in the format you need for your system.

Step 1: Navigating to Captions screen

If you’re on the front page of, click on the services tab and then click captions. Or from any page on the site, click on the top menu bar and select ‘captions’.

Click the big red button that says ‘get started.’

Step 2: Create Your Caption Order

The site prompts you to select the source of your video. You’ll choose the far left option, ‘upload files from your computer.’  Click the red button that says ‘upload files.’

Step 3: Choose Files Screen

On the choose file screen, you’ll have several options for uploading a video, listed to the left. Select Google Drive from the list. Then click the red ‘connect to Google Drive’ button that pops up in the center of the window. This will open a new tab or window where you can securely log into Google. Don’t worry; your Google information is completely secure as it’s all authenticated on their end.

Enter the username and password for the Google account you wish to pull files from. If you have two-step authentication enabled, Google may send you a text message or email with an authentication code to enter. Once you’ve completed authenticating, accept the permissions for access and the tab will close. You can now select files from your Google Drive account to upload to Rev.

Note that in the upper right corner of the upload files window, you have the option to toggle between list and grid view of your Google Drive files, as well as a search option and the ability to only show video files or show all files. Double click on the file or files you wish to upload. The window changes to show a list of the files you’ve selected.  You may upload up to five gigabytes worth of files at a time.


You may also upload files directly from your computer, by FTP, from any public web link, or from other cloud services such as Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive, all in the same upload, simply by selecting the appropriate options on the list. Click the links to find out more about how to do this.

Once you’re done selecting your videos, just click the upload button on the lower right to securely upload your files to our system and place your order.

For help placing your order, click here


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