How to submit Panopto videos for captioning

It’s simple to download your videos from Panopto and caption them with Rev!

Step 1: Download your video.

Log into your Panopto account. Navigate to the folder containing your uncaptioned video and click ‘settings.’ Then select the ‘Outputs’ tab and click ‘download mp3.’

Step 2: Navigate to

If you’re on the front page of, click on the services tab and then click captions. Or from any page on the site, click on the top menu bar and select ‘captions’.

Click the big red button that says ‘get started.’

Step 3: Create Your Caption Order

The site prompts you to select the source of your video. Since we’re uploading a video from your computer, you’ll choose the far left option, ‘upload files from your computer.’  Click the red button that says ‘upload files.’

Step 4: Choose Files Screen

On the choose file screen, you’ll have several options for uploading a video, listed to the left. Since we’re uploading your Panopto file from your computer, your option is preselected for you. At this point, you can either click the red ‘choose files’ button and select the file or files from your computer, or simply drag and drop the files from your computer into the window.

You’ll notice that once you’ve selected one file, the window changes to show a list of the files you’ve selected. You may click the red button marked ‘add more files’ to continue selecting files through file explorer, or continue dragging and dropping files into the box at the top of the window.  You may upload up to five gigabytes worth of files at a time.

Once you’re done selecting your videos, just click the upload button on the lower right to securely upload your files to our system and place your order.


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