How to upload captions to Panopto

It’s easy to upload your Rev captions to Panopto, one of the world’s leading lecture capture and presentation platforms.  

Step 1: Ensure you have the proper caption format.

First, check the format of your Rev caption file. For best results, you’ll need to use a caption file in DFXP (.dfxp) or SubRip (.srt) format. If your caption file is in a different format, you may navigate to the order history screen and download your Rev captions in the format you need. (add link to article explaining this)

Step 2: Log into your Panopto account and access your settings

Log into your Panopto account and select the system tab at the bottom of the left column. Then select ‘settings.’

Step 3: Enable transcript upload

In the left column (marked settings) find the ‘TranscriptUploadEnabled’ field, and click ‘edit’. Then set it to ‘true’. In the value column, it should say ‘true’ next to ‘TranscriptUploadEnabled’ if you’ve successfully changed it.

Step 4: Navigate to the folder containing the video you intend to caption

Navigate to the folder for the recorded session for which you have obtained captions. Click ‘settings.’

Step 5: Upload your file.

Go to the streams tab. Under the ‘upload transcript’ button, click ‘choose file.’ Select the caption file you obtained from Rev in .dxfp or .srt format and click the upload transcript button.

Step 6: Test your presentation

You should see a confirmation screen confirming your captions file has been uploaded successfully. Just watch the video and make sure everything is correct.


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