How to add captions to Vimeo videos

Rev makes Vimeo captions a breeze! Simply follow these easy steps.


Step 1: Order the correct format

Vimeo supports SubRip (.srt), WebVTT (.vtt), DFXP/TTML (.dxfp), Scenarist (.scc), and SAMI files. However, they recommend using WebVTT.

Step 2: Add captions to video

After uploading the video, select settings, then click ‘Advanced’. Under ‘add captions & subtitles’, click ‘Choose file’ and select the caption file to upload from your computer. Using the two drop-down menus, specify the language and select whether it’s a caption file or subtitle file. Then click the box under ‘status’ to activate your captions. It will say ON if the caption file is activated. If you select the wrong file, just click the red x to the right to delete it.

Step 3: Display your captions

Just click the CC icon at the bottom of the video player to toggle captions on and off.


Read more on Vimeo's site.


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